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Blue: Q tanning lamps tan gently and provide excellent tanning results. The use of high pressure lamps for tanning is an established and proven technology. Blue:Q provides good tanning results while keeping within the 0.3W/m2 limit.

Blue:Q is manufactured from innovative blue quartz glass, which differs from conventional quartz glass in terms of transmission.

This quartz glass emits only long wave radiation and cuts off the short wave section of the UV spectrum. Unwanted short wave radiation is reduced directly at source so that there is no need for costly filtration.

Blue:Q is a simple plug-and-play solution for converting old equipment to the new LVD limits of 0.3 W/m2

There is no significant change in the tanning times to achieve instant pigmentation and new pigment formation.

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High Pressure in its most innovative Form: The new VARIUS System.

The VARIUS system was invented to offer sunbed manufacturers new possibilities in the design of their machines while simplifying installation.Innovative designs and tanning concepts are suddenly realised with VARIUS. For example as integrated face, neck, shoulder, hand or foot tanners. For example for adjusting tube lengths, or as a cost-effective alternative to spaghetti tubes.

The high pressure lamp in the VARIUS system has been advanced and improved. The lamp and fitting are now supplied as two separate components. During lamp change-over, only the lamp needs not to be replaced, the fitting can be re-used.Tanning studios, which have fitted the earlier version of VARIUS in their sunbeds, need only retrofit the new fitting to convert their system simply to the new generation. Lamp changing is even easier and can still be carried out without the need for tools.

VARIUS is a complete high pressure facial unit consisting of

  • Reflector of special glass with optimized interference coating
  • Tanning lamp, 250 W power
  • Fuse
  • Filter plate
  • Plugable electrical connection  
  • Clamp (only 2 drill holes necessary)

Advantages of VARIUS:

  • All components are already harmonized with each other
  • Easy fitting using just two screws
  • Easy handling with a bayonet-type lamp holder
  • Highly flexible
  • Little space requirement
  • Very flexible in its applications
  • Minimal operational and ventilation requirements
  • Adjustable tanning surface and intensity

Applications: First successful applications of VARIUS in:

  • P90 of uwe: Powerspot shoulder beamers for a targeted and traceable tanning of shoulders
  • iBed of uwe: two shoulder tanners and nine VARIUS units in SWING the new face tanner with adaptively moving Powerspots for tanning of the face/neck area
  • iDome of uwe: 3 VARIUS systems in the ceiling of the new sunshower / stand-up
  • megaSun 6900 of KBL: VARIUS as xtra-tan shoulder tanners, perfectly integrated into the equipment housing
  • UVScan of RoyalSun, Canada, as innovative complete tanning concept. UVScan is a pure hight pressure solarium, equipped with a total of 74 VARIUS systems
  • a stand-up unit of Alisun, Netherlands, as booster for for the face and neck regions
  • in different sunbeds of the US manufacturers ETS, Heartland and Sontegra.

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It is a fact that operating life is very rarely taken into consideration when buying a lamp. It is in the nature of tanning tubes and lamps that they lose output over their operating life.

With the MagicSun, NewColors and Classics brands from Original Hanau SunCare, this loss in UVA output is relatively small. In figures:

After 700 hours of operation, MagicSun tanning lamps still deliver 80% of their original UVA output*. Guaranteed!

After 600 hours of operation, NewColors tanning lamps still deliver 70% of their original UVA output*. Guaranteed!

After 500 hours of operation, Classics tanning lamps still deliver 70% of their original UVA output*. Guaranteed!

UVA output refers to 20 hour value.

LVD - The Low Voltage Directive

The LVD for salons is valid.

LVD, the Low Voltage Directive of the European Union (EU), governs the safe operation of household appliances and so covers salons. The LVD is compulsory for all members of the EU.
In January 2007 the EU established the maximum erythemic radiation strength for salons at 0.3 W/m². The limit relates to the midday sun at the equator - and hence the maximum measurable, natural solar radiation strength.

The new European legislation of 0.3 W/m² is valid from 23 July 2007 within the European Union for all new sunbeds.

What is changing because of the new limit?

  • All sunbeds, which are sold within the EU from 23 July 2007, have to meet the new limitation of 0.3 W/m².
  • The UVB-radiation will be significantly reduced - to achieve the same amount of new pigment formation as before, it is necessary to tan longer.
  • The UVA-radiation remains almost constant, thereby the instant tanning is still carried out.
  • The individual countries are responsible for the regulation of old sunbeds (all sunbeds, which are in current use). As far as we know there is no regulation for existing sunbeds in any country up to now.
  • Probably there won't be any transition time in Germany, therefore a retro-fitting would not be necessary.
  • There are already limitations in France, Spain, Sweden and Norway.
    We already have suitable products for new sunbeds according to the new legislation in our product range.
    We would be pleased to advice you.

With tanning lamps from Original Hanau Suncare with UV-output guaranteed it is in spite of the reduced radiation strength still possible to get a natural and effective tan!

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LVD brochure

Sun-Erythema Factor

The sun-erythema factor fSE is calculated from the UVA output and the UVB component and a biological function which describes the skin reaction on UV. A lamp with twice the sun-erythema factor means half tanning time.

UVA Output

UVA is the radiation in the wavelength range of 315 – 400 nanometres. It is primarily responsible for so-called “instant tanning” – the tanning of pigments present in the skin. This is the tan the customer usually notices immediately after a sunbed session.

UVB Output

UVB is the radiation in the wavelength range of 280 – 315 nanometres. UVB is mainly used to vary the sun-erythema factor of a tube with a determined UVA output.

UV Guarantee

For salons who keep their promises.

Unique and available only from Original Hanau SunCare:
Guaranteed UV-Output

"No-Name" tubes and lamps made with cheaper materials and by simpler methods, claim to be as good as our products.
But their failures come much quicker than ours, greater UV drop-off and shorter lifetimes. Salon owners think they are getting a good deal, but quickly learn cheaper is not always as good. The faults are apparent over time as the UV-Output falls off rapidly with operating time. That is annoying to say the least! Because the salon customer alsways pays the same price and consequently, always expects the same UV-Output.

With Guaranteed UV-Output, Original Hanau SunCare sets an importand new standard.
As the name says, Original Hanau SunCare products with Guaranteed UV-Output supply a UV-Output on a high level over the total operating life. This means for salon customers that they will always get best tanning results. As a result, we do much as we can to help reinforce a tanning salon's reputation.
Salons with UV-Guarantee keep their promises.

High UV-Output over the Total Operating Life.
The UV-Guarantee is offered three times, for tanning lamps and tubes from MagicSun, NewColors and Classics:

  • After 700 hours of operation, MagicSun tanning lamps still deliver 80% of their original UV-Output*. Guaranteed
  • After 600 hours of operation, NewColors tanning lamps still deliver 70% of their original UV-Output*. Guaranteed!
  • After 500 hours of operation, Classics tanning lamps still deliver 70% of their original UV-Output*. Guaranteed!

* UVA-Output refers to 20h value.

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Die UV-Schutz-Verordnung dient dem Schutz vor schädlichen Wirkungen künstlicher ultravioletter Strahlung.

Die Verordnung trat, mit Ausnahme Anwesenheitspflicht für Fachpersonal, am 1.Januar 2012 in Kraft. Die Anwesenheitspflicht für Fachpersonal muss seit dem 1.November 2012 erfüllt sein.

Den kompletten Gesetzestext finden Sie hinter diesem LINK.

Die Bundesländer bestimmen, wer die UV-Schutz-Verordnung in ihrem jeweiligen Gebiet überwacht.
Konkrete Vollzugsfragen bzw. Hinweise auf Verstöße gegen rechtliche Regelungen sind an die zuständigen Vollzugsbehörden bzw. an die zuständigen Landesministerien zu richten.
Eine Auflistung der zuständigen Behörden/Ministerien finden Sie hinter diesem LINK.

Diese Informationen werden vom Bundesministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz, Bau und Reaktorsicherheit zur Verfügung gestellt.