About us

Well-known solarium manufacturers fit their products with the UV tanning lamps from the Original Hanau range. For good reason. No other supplier provides more sun quality.

Original Hanau invented the UV high-pressure lamp and is thus the founder of tanning with artificial light sources.
In 1904, the Original Hanau laboratories (in Hanau near Frankfurt, Germany) developed the first quartz lamp whose UV light output was of almost genuine sun quality. This marked the invention of the "sunlamp" and started off what was to become the tanning industry.
Original Hanau has since been working on optimising the technical, medical and commercial application of UV and IR light and has extended its product portfolio by advanced innovations such as the collagen light therapy.
Today, the company is one of the leading suppliers of tanning lamps and tubes. As a provider of end-to-end UV solutions – emitters, tubes, filters, reflectors, electrical components, complete high-pressure solutions and measuring instruments – Original Hanau has become the development partner of notable solarium manufacturers and their source of original equipment.