Systeme und Komponenten

VARIUS - High Pressure in its most innovative form

VARIUS is an all-in-one high-pressure tanning unit. Thanks to its very compact size and simple installation, the system can be flexibly integrated into almost any tanning bed concept, giving you the freedom to implement new designs and innovative tanning concepts. VARIUS systems for special foot, leg, hand, face, chest and shoulder tanners can be easily combined with classic tube arrays. VARIUS consists of five modules: a reflector made of a special glass with an optimised interference coating, a 250 watt tanning lamp, a filter panel, a pluggable electric connection and a mounting bracket.

Lamp Type Part Number Nominal Wattage (W) Height of system (mm) Diameter (mm)
Varius replacement lamp EF 80026500 250 880 107
Varius socket Vst. (UL) 150 mm 80030656      
Varius socket (VDE) Vst. 80023105      

Reflectors + filters for Varius on request!

Filters - A characteristic of modern tanning technology

A characteristic of modern tanning technology is the use of coated filters. These interference filters or multilayer coatings, being produced under vacuum, are currently the high-tech solution to define and separate unwanted from wanted irradiation in the sunbed.

MagicReflex is the filter concept of Original Hanau SunCare and stand for modern filters which consist only of one single filter plate.

For the integration in existing or the new development of sunbeds we have standard components available:

Filter type Part number Dimensions Absorption edge
MagicReflex 326 45006460 230.0 x 210.0 mm 326 nm
MagicReflex 324 45006498 230.0 x 210.0 mm 324 nm


Reflectors - For a defined irradiation field

Reflectors redirect the irradiation, normally released in all directions, sensibly in the wanted direction. The aim is a defined irradiation field.

With the help of special computer programs, Original Hanau SunCare develops reflectors which are perfectly matched to the tanning concept of the individual sunbed.

Reflector and lamp make up a unit from which the light distribution is tanning the body evenly without loss by scattering. The result: More tanning performance and often a multiple on efficiency and effect.

Original Hanau is in the position to calculate, prototype and measure the reflectors according to customer requirements and keep the quality within in the series production at a high level.

For the integration in existing or the new development of sunbeds we have the following glass and aluminum standard reflectors in stock:

Aluminium standard reflectors Part number
Standard Reflector 1, Short Bracket 45007834
Standard Reflector 1, Long Bracket 45007835
Diameter 184 mm, Depth 153 mm, 50% field in 30cm distance/ 35cm diameter
Standard Reflector 2, Short Bracket
Standard Reflector 2, Long Bracket

Diameter 230 mm, Depth 126 mm, 50% Field in 30 cm distance/ 25cm diameter
Matching Socket

Glass standard reflector                                                                     Part number
Glass reflector, coated    80007781

Reflectors + filters for Varius on request!