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Reddish, brown or black pigments that cause the color of the skin, hair, and eyes and serve as effective protection from the harmful effects of UV radiation.
There are large individual differences in the melanin concentration in the skin (tanning). Depending on the preirradiation the protective effect is stronger or weaker. So the positive effect of UV radiation still can take place e.g. production of Vitamin D


A sliver-colored heavy metal that is liquid at room temperature. It has favorable vaporization properties an is easy to excite in the vapor phase, whereby it has excellent properties for efficient generation of radiation.
It resolves alloys spontaneously with many other mettals, called amalgams.
Since it can attack light materials in aircrafts in this way, there are transport restrictions on mercury.
Mercury is toxic. Inhaled mercury vapors are very toxic.
Lamps and spotlights contain a few milligrams of mercury and should not be disposed of with houshold waste.