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Operating time of a product until a further operation is no longer useful of possible.
This my be the achievement of a performance threshold or the total failure.
For tanning lamps and tubes a time is given to an expected decline is reached e.g. 1000h 20% radiation reduction.
Life specifications are still expected values and do not exclude individual early failures.


Electromagnetic radiation at wavelengths of about 380 nm to 780 nm, which are visible to the human eye.
The based measurements with a few subjects definds spectral sensitivity is based on the photometric sizes with the conversion of Watt (physical value) to lumens (brightness).
Of course there are individueal variations in the spectral sensitivity and can be serious due to aging, cataract surgery of characteristics such as red-green color blindness.

Light therapy

A scientifically acknowledged method for treating a variety of diseases associated with partly seasonal light deficiency.
e.g. disturbance of the day/night rhythm or forms of seasonal affective disorder

low pressure lamps

These are lamps in which the radiation-generating discharge takes place in an atmosphere with low pressure. Characteristic are narrow line spectra.
Lamps with mercury filling are widespreaded. The mainly radiation is generated in each narrow ranges around 185nm and 254nm.
This radiation can be used for ozone generation in air (185nm) or for sterilization (254nm). The radiation can be easily changed by using different phosphors to longer wavelength UV light or light. Then it's called fluorescent lamp.
Typical characteristic for efficient low-pressure lamps are heated electrodes and the large extension of the light source.
The efficiency strongly dependens on the ambient temperature.


LVD is the Low Voltage Directive of the European Union.
It regulates the safe operation of household appliances, including sundeds.
All EU member states have to follow the LVD regulations - therefore it is also called "Euro norm".
The EU has set the irradiance for sunbeds to 0,3W/m² in January 2007.
This radiation corresponds to the midday sun at the equator.