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An electronic current limiter that reduces voltage from 230 V to the voltage required.


is part of a lamp, which makes mechanical and electrical contact with the lamp holder.
Essential features are the qualtity of the electronical contact, the allowed operating temperatue, the high voltage stability to the peaks of ignition voltage and the sensitivity against pollution.


Blue:Q tanning lamps are made of innovative blue quartz glass, that absorbes more UV-B radiation as conventional quartz glass.
By replacing a conventional tanning lamb by a Blue:Q lamp many tanning beds can be operated within the UVSV regulations.


Brightness is the human sensation on the incidence of visible light into the eye. Green light generates even at lower irradiance on the retina the same impression of brightness as blue or red light.
The sensitivity of the human eye is strongly dependent on the wavelength.
Because of the importance ot the visible capabilities, there are a whole set of physical quantities that carry this wavelength dependency already in itself. These are luminous, flux, luminous intensity, illuminance and light density.